Hårdkodad eller möjlig att uppdatera?

The fact-checker’s dilemma: Humans are hardwired to dismiss facts that don’t fit their worldview Källa: https://www.niemanlab.org/2020/01/the-fact-checkers-dilemma-humans-are-hardwired-to-dismiss-facts-that-dont-fit-their-worldview/

Within the conservative political blogosphere, global warming is either a hoax or so uncertain as to be unworthy of response. — Yet many well-educated people sincerely deny evidence-based conclusions on these matters. — In theory, resolving factual disputes should be relatively easy: Just present the evidence of a strong expert consensus. This approach succeeds most of the time when the issue is, say, the atomic weight of hydrogen.

But things don’t work that way when the scientific consensus presents a picture that threatens someone’s ideological worldview. In practice, it turns out that one’s political, religious, or ethnic identity quite effectively predicts one’s willingness to accept expertise on any given politicized issue.

The failure of various groups to acknowledge the truth about, say, climate change, isn’t explained by a lack of information about the scientific consensus on the subject. — Instead, what strongly predicts denial of expertise on many controversial topics is simply one’s political persuasion.

Läs hela artikeln, den kan vara en ögonöppnare.

Författaren: Adrian Bardon is a professor of philosophy at Wake Forest University.



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